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Nick Tauber at Mixing desk

Nick Tauber during production at the mixing desk.

I started out playing drums with a band (Shy) doing sixties R&B (very much like the Yardbirds) we where constantly playing up and down the country. I was asked to leave school because I was always falling asleep from getting in late from gigs with no sleep. But my first love was and still is music. So school lost out.

I left band once I realised that, although I was considered to be a great drummer by many of the bands we toured with, my heart and destiny was in recording studios and making records. I wanted to make great records that would stand the test of time. 

I got a job at Regent Sound Studio’s in London and worked with Cat Steven’s, Black Sabbath and Blue Mink to name but a few. I then left and joined Decca Records working both in their A&R department and as a producer.  I would regularly go around the country scouting for Bands and Artists.

I was asked to remix the first Thin Lizzy Album, they liked it and got asked to produce their next album. We then recorded Whisky in the Jar which became a massive worldwide hit. I then recorded their next album Vagabonds of the Western World, their first big hit album. 

While at Decca, I saw U2, Boomtown Rats, Squeeze and many more. I tried to sign them to the label but the people at Decca decided for various reasons against signing them. The rest, as they say, is history. So I left Decca and joined Bronze Records where I became head of A&R. I’ve worked with Motörhead, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in an A&R capacity, whilst there I found Def Lepard and tried to sign them without success, so I left and produced their first hit EP. By now I was producing full time. 

So far over my career I’ve I had the pleasure of producing or mixing acts as diverse as Toyah, Marillion, Stiff Little Fingers, Spear Of Destiny, Deep Purple, UFO, Girl School, Bill Nelson, Venom and Bernie Tormé to name but a few.

(You can find the full list on Google.)

In addition to my work as a producer and mixer, I routine acts for Labels, Managers and Publishers. This involves picking and arranging the songs, choosing the right keys for the artists and songs, checking lyrics and sometimes helping with re-writes, in addition to choosing the right tempo/speed for the songs. I then work with the acts until they are tight and ready for recording.

I also get acts ready to play live gigs. This involves sorting out the number of songs needed for the set list, the set list running order, help with the choice of a cover song if needed plus, if required, the creation of an intro tape.  I would also source the right sound engineer for the artist if requested to do so. Besides any other requirements necessary for a live show I can and do regularly put together everything that’s required for an artist’s showcase. 

Here’s to the future.


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Artist Track
Beautiful Country Satisfactory Man Play
Beautiful Country The Night Play
Damian West Further From The Truth Play
Gavin Mumby Blessed Play
Gavin Mumby Love In The 21st Century Play
Karl Wilson Anywhere Else But Here Play
Karl Wilson Take It Or Leave It Play




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