Chris Bannister – Performs the music of John Denver



Chris Bannister performs the music of John Denver

Tech Rider:

One vocal mic, One guitar mic, One XLR input for guitar preamp, the show can be either completely acoustic or I can perform a few songs with backing tracks.  If this is needed I will need a stereo input for CD playback.  I will provide my own monitoring (in ears) so minimal onstage monitoring is needed.

Hospitality Rider:

A hot meal for two people, bottled water both onstage and off, a couple of clean towels.


Singer songwriter Chris Bannister has been touring his show ‘The Music Of John Denver’ for 8 years and is recognised as one of the best performers of John Denver’s music in the world.  Chris has played all over the UK and Europe.  In 2012 Chris was asked to perform in Aspen Colorado with former John Denver lead guitar player Steve Weisberg at ‘Aspen In October’ the annual celebration of Denver’s life and music.  Steve later said that the musical bond he and Chris shared was second only to his time with Denver.

Steve was planning tour of the UK with Chris, his first since being here with John in the early 70s but sadly passed away in 2014.  It is a testament to the friendship they had that Steve left Chris his 1937 Epiphone guitar in his will.

Since 2012, Chris has performed three more times in Aspen, playing shows with the legendary Jim Horn, Johns sax player and longest serving band member, he has also played with Pete Huttlinger, Jim Connor and Chris Nole, all former members of John’s touring and recording band.  In 2017 Chris will return to Aspen on the 20th anniversary of John’s death.

Chris is not a tribute act in that he doesn’t try to be John Denver although he does bear an uncanny vocal resemblance but it is not forced or affected.  He celebrates the music by singing and playing the songs with passion and integrity, talking about John’s life and music as only someone who has spent time around John’s friends and bandmates can.

John’s close friend Peter Plantec said after seeing Chris and Steve Weisberg’s show in Aspen:

‘All the magic of this music was here tonight,

when Chris sings it’s almost like John is back with us’